What Can I Do to Improve My Dental Health?

Dr. Hendrickson is a general dentist. He operates a practice limited to the removal of third molars in Layton, Provo and Salt Lake City, Utah.

Because I am a dentist, I am often asked the question, “What can I do to improve my dental health?” Dental health is an important part of our overall well being. Poor dental health can result in a decrease in your quality of life (believe me, eating that prime USDA steak is a real drag with dentures!) Poor dental health can also be very expensive. With the cost of dentistry increasing each year, it becomes more important that we treat our dental health as a valuable investment – one that would be expensive to replace. And we are all familiar with the discomfort that poor dental health can cause. When was the last time you heard someone rant and rave about how much he or she enjoyed a root canal treatment?

As a dental health professional, I am happy to share with patients, friends and family a few tips I have learned that can drastically improve their dental health.

  1. You (not your dentist) are responsible for your dental health. A healthy mouth begins and ends at home.
  2. The most effective solutions are usually the simplest. Brushing twice each day and flossing once a day will do more than any other thing to improve your dental health.
  3. In today’s world, many adults and teenagers have replaced water with soda pop! In America today, this stuff is destroying our teeth. If you are serious about your dental health then it is time to change your addiction to good old-fashioned water! Put down the big gulp and pick up the Dasani!
  4. Not surprisingly, many of the reasons our nation is getting bigger around the waist are also the reasons that our dental health is failing. I guess it makes sense that before we add it to our hips it had to pass our lips! Constant snacking on sugary treats creates an environment in our mouth that causes the destruction of our teeth and gums. Improve your dental health (and your waistline) by snacking on carrots, celery, cucumbers and other vegetables!
  5. Develop a relationship with a dentist you trust. Your dentist should be your ally when it comes to your dental health. Regular checkups will find problems while they are still small and inexpensive to correct. If you aren’t visiting your dentist regularly then your battle with dental health is guaranteed to be an expensive one! Your dentist can recommend a dental health program tailored to your needs, budget and desire!

Your dental health is important. Don’t wait! Do something now! Your mouth will thank you; your pocket book will thank you and the next person you kiss will thank me!

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